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When you hurt, we fight.

We, at the Law Office of Gordon Ring, concentrate our effort, time, experience and resources representing and fighting for the victims, the hurt, the injured, and the families and friends of the deceased. We accept cases when someone has been seriously hurt or killed and they or the family suffers and needs representation to obtain compensation.

The person, company or party that caused the harm should be held responsible. We accept cases to make the person or company at fault fix what can be fixed and to pay for what can't be fixed. Usually we take the following steps:

Some cases need extensive and immediate investigation; some do not. We will make the necessary decisions and handle what needs to be done.

Often photographs are an important tool. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is more than an old adage. Photographs frequently create a feeling with the viewer that best describes your case or injuries.

A clear and concise description of injuries without any exaggeration is the only way to explain your injuries. Exaggeration is a sure way to cloud your credibility. The doctors description is the best independent way to set forth your injuries.

It is crucial to have all medical bills regardless of whether the bills were paid or by whom they were paid. We will arrange to obtain all the records and bills.

When is it necessary to hire an expert for your case? In some cases, because of the way you were injured an expert is needed to describe how you were injured, or why someone else, the defendant was negligent, or to review and explain your medical records. We will contact and hire the expert that is needed. We want and need only honest and credible experts. We want the best experts to explain your case when necessary.

Not all cases go to trial. But, all cases need to be handled, worked, and prepared as if there will be a trial and a jury will decide the case. Why? Because if you are not prepared for trial, you can't be prepared to negotiate. Strength comes from your superior position of being prepared and ready for trial.

Has your lawyer personally tried cases? Several cases? Don't you think that in this day and age of information and computers that insurance companies know whether your lawyer has tried a case to verdict with a jury? How can your lawyer negotiate a case if he or she has not tried a case - much less several cases?

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